Invest in Albania

Invest in Albania

Why you should invest in Albania

1. Investment reform – Albania has implemented a liberal foreign investment in order to increase foreign investment. The law on the Foreign Investments allows 100 percent ownership of companies and provides specific protection for foreign investors.

2. Competitive labor costs – Albania has low competitive wages. Social security, income tax and competitive overhead.

3. Optimal geographical location – Albania has a strategic location in the Western Balkan and proximity to European markets. Connections with Europe through ports in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Very favorable for strategic sectors such as: Tourism and Agriculture. Albania is a bridge between Northern and Southern Europe with transportation such as: ports, airports and roads.

4. Free access to large markets – Albania has signed several free trade agreements with major markets (EU, Turkey, CEFTA and EFTA countries) which provide free customs access to most consumer’s large market.

5. Young and well-educated population – in Albania 48 percent of the population is under 36 years old. 584,616 pupils and students registered in the formal education in the year 2020 – 2021. English, Italian and Spanish are widely spoken, while German and French are taught at school.