3 reasons you aren’t getting any job interviews…

3 reasons you aren’t getting any job interviews…

1. You have a scattergun approach to job searching

If you are applying here, there and everywhere for any role which relates in some small way to your expertise and experience, without stopping to consider what you really want, checking that the position is right for you, and tailoring your application to show why you are right for the job, then you are unlikely to receive an interview. 


2. Your social media presence is letting you down

It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn profile that you update whenever you remember to. Savvy jobseekers use social media to its full potential when looking for a new job. For example, they:

– Follow the pages of the companies they would like to work for and keep an eye out for vacancies;

– Consistently engage with their network by posting, liking, sharing and commenting on relevant content;

– Connect with recruiters (once they have updated their privacy settings) and start a conversation;

– Ensure all of their profiles are aligned in terms of employment dates, job descriptions, areas of responsibility and so forth;

– Add links to provide evidence of their work.

– You don’t have to limit yourself to LinkedIn either. You can use Instagram to show your passion for your sector or industry and related interests. This could include your attendance at trade shows, events or networking groups, visits to relevant places, offices or facilities.


3. You have jobseeker burnout

Job searching can be wearing, especially when your efforts have been fruitless so far. This may spur you on to apply for even more roles, which will only serve to make you feel more drained, a feeling which will be reflected in the quality of your applications.

So, adopt a more organized and balanced approach, setting aside time slots on days where you feel more alert, such as on the weekend or at the beginning of the week. Have breaks, see your friends, take up a hobby or go to the gym – the activity doesn’t matter as much as finding something that helps you unwind so you can resume your search feeling rested and focused.

In short, work smart, not hard. Use your time to send considered and tailored job applications, grow your professional social media presence, and build valuable relationships with the right people. Job searching can sometimes feel like all work and no reward, but by making these changes, the phone is sure to start ringing.